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Bible Study in Small Groups is where it really happens. It is a great opportunity to bond with others who are going through similar situations in life, whether that be as parents raising young children, singles seeking to chart their course, or mature adults dealing with a now empty nest. It is the opportunity to study the Word of God together & see how it applies to your life, right where you are. It is the opportunity to share with & hear from others. Most importantly, it is the opportunity to learn more about & grow more in Christ—and that is true of all ages!

You will find a Small Group for any age you need, from the youngest to the oldest. We invite you to check them out until you find the right fit for you. God has a place for you in bible study at East Mt Baptist Church!

 Adult Small Groups

Class Name                           Age
Adult 1                                  20-35
Adult 2                                  30-45
Adult 3                                  45-55
Adult 4                                  55-65
Adult 5                                     65+
Adult Co-Ed                         Mixed
Ladies 1                                 35-55
Ladies 2                                   55+
Men 1                                    25-35
Men 2                                       35+

 College and Young Professionals

Class Name                             Age
Young Ladies                         18-25
Young Men                             18-25
Young Women                       25-35

 Children’s Sunday School

3 & 4 Year Olds
1st-2nd Grade
3rd-4th Grade
5th-6th Grade

 The Rooted Youth

7th-12th Grade