JOY, Just Older Youth, is all about being 55-up (We do sneak some just over 50 in!). It is about ministering to multiple generations of mature & maturing adults. It is about growing, serving and, yes, having fun! JOY is about bible studies in the fall & spring. JOY is about fellowship, gathering at restaurants & concerts. JOY is about taking the occasional JOYride to Waco, Dallas, or somewhere else, seeing things, experiencing things, together! JOY is about game nights, fun nights, & just getting to know one another better. And JOY is about learning that as long as you are drawing breath on this earth, God ISN’T finished with you yet!

    Check out the JOY schedule & join in where & when you can. Come and see what real JOY is all about!

J.O.Y. Events