As more and more people enter the world out of high school, they are bombarded by the world from all sides. College is a time to learn, grow, and build long lasting relationships. It is also the most vulnerable time for young Christians. Society would suggest college is a time where one is to truly find who they are, but that suggestion is built upon what the world considers “who” you are, not who you are in Christ.
College and young adults from the ages of 18-25 is one of the least churched demographics in the world. It is a generation thirsty for the truth and for meaning. That is why East Mountain Baptist Church is taking the first steps toward creating a home for a group searching to belong.
One such opportunity with which EMBC believes to be ideal for college and young adults is the annual Passion Conference held each year across the nation. A time of spiritual learning and growth, worship, and renewal where top Christian artists perform to glorify the king and inspirational speakers embolden a generation to be the light in the face of darkness.